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YOKOREI Aims to be a Company Leading the Industry for 80 and then 100 Years

Over the 70 years since YOKOREI was founded in 1948, we have remained true to our principles, worked together with local communities, and always held being a company that benefits the region as an important value. Over this period, we have operated as a food distribution business that has a responsibility to support Japanese food culture.
Currently, the food distribution industry is approaching a turning point. The way people purchase goods is shifting from store-based shopping to internet shopping (e-commerce) making distribution more complicated and diverse. Companies need to acknowledge this change and learn to deal with it.
However, an even greater change is occurring as the world moves to solve the biggest issues facing it.
Within this environment, it is crucial for companies to actively incorporate sustainable management practices that enable them to tackle environmental, social, and economic issues.

Naturally, at YOKOREI we will continue to transform ourselves as a continuously growing company that supports Japanese food culture, and we will continue to embrace our growing responsibility as a company that is engaged in food business and that has roots in the region.

Going forward, we will continue to advance wide-ranging business development while actively working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that tackle environmental and social issues. In this way, we aim to remain an expert in food distribution that is considerate of people, things, and the planet for the 80th and 100th anniversaries of our founding, and will continue to contribute to the stable supply of safe and reliable foods.

Chairman and Director
Toshio Yoshikawa