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When using this website, please ensure you fully understand the terms outlined below.

  • The purpose of this website is to provide information that will give users an understanding of the company's financial and management situations and it is not intended as a solicitation for investment. Users should use their own judgement when making investment decisions.
  • Information posted on this website that is not historical fact, including the company's plans, forecasts, strategies, and convictions, constitutes forward-looking statements about future financial results that reflect the judgement of the company's management based on information that is available at the current time. Please understand that actual results are influenced by a variety of important factors and may differ significantly from forecasts.
  • There are cases in which the company might not post all information disclosed through ED-NET and TD-NET in accordance with timely disclosure rules to this website. There are also cases in which information might differ from information disclosed through other means.
  • The posting on this website of information disclosed in accordance with timely disclosure rules may be delayed by longer than 12 hours due to the preparation required for posting.
  • Posts on this website may be taken down or have their content changed without prior notice.
  • The company is unable to make any guarantees regarding the information contained on other websites that are linked to through this site.
  • While all content posted to this website undergoes close scrutiny, please understand that the company cannot be held liable for any damages caused by errors in the information being posted, data downloads, and the like.
  • Any person wishing to link to this website should please contact the company in advance.