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We are realizing more reliable customs clearance, storage, and delivery through advanced systems and services.

In order to realize a higher level of stability in the delivery of safe and reliable food:

  1. We support import and export Customs Clearance Service
  2. We leverage over 60 years of experience Storage Operations
  3. We utilize our inhouse networks Delivery Service

These combine to form YLS (YOKOREI Logistics System).
We provide a variety of logistics services, including a Logistics Outsourcing Service that is optimized to meet customer needs, as well as an ICT Service established to deliver the latest logistics information as fast as possible.

ICT Service

Logistics Outsourcing Service

YOKOREI has utilized the advanced technology and expertise we have cultivated over many years of business together with our networks spanning the whole of Japan to form a unique logistics outsourcing service. We provide a service that is optimized for each individual customer, contributing to the realization of enhanced operational efficiency and reduced logistics costs.

YLS: YOKOREI Logistics System

YLS is the heart of our logistics outsourcing service. Through YLS, we have developed a variety of services handling processes from customs clearance through to storage and delivery.
The combination on these advanced systems and services together with the skills of our experienced staff mean we can deliver just-in-time logistics.

1.Customs Clearance Service

With major centers in six locations across Japan, our customs clearance team provides speedy support for imports into Japan from all over the world and exports out of each region of the country.
We can cater for a wide range of import and export needs.

Customs Clearance Operations for Imports
Customs declarations
Applications to the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare
Animal quarantine
Plant protection
All aspects of import operations
Customs Clearance Operations for Exports
Customs declarations
Arrangements with shipping companies
Animal quarantine
Plant protection
All aspects of export operations

Please check Network in Japanto see the contact details for each center.

2.Storage Operations

We provide refrigerated storage functions covering four temperature ranges - cold, frozen, low-temperature, and room temperature.
We also offer storage environments that are optimized for a wide range of foodstuffs through three types of refrigerated storage - dockside, production area, and logistics center.

3.Delivery Service

We have divided Japan into six blocks and established a major center in each block to build a delivery system that utilizes our company networks, enabling us to offer a fully enhanced delivery function.

ICT Service
Information and Communication Technology

Our ICT Service utilizes the strength offered by our main system, which was developed inhouse, to offer wide-ranging support for our customers' businesses. Customers can choose from various ICT services to find the ones that meet their individual needs, enabling them to access loading and unloading records, inventory information, and the like in real time and make operations more efficient. We are also focusing on BCP (Business Continuity Planning) to advance the creation of a watertight system that shifts host computers to data centers and offers a data backup function.

YIS Service: YOKOREI Information System

YIS is a service that provides information such as loading and unloading records, customs clearance status, and inventory information to customers' computers in real time through an internet connection. Cargo volume information is updated on our directly-operated core database in real time, enabling customers who handle irregularly sized cargo to monitor cargo volumes in a timely manner. We also plan to enhance the system with a succession of services such as an email alert system that notifies customers of shortfalls and a reservation system for loading and unloading. YIS facilitates strategies that can capture every business opportunity, realize waste-free inventory storage, and sales that are freed from time and location restrictions.

YIS Service

EDI Service: Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Service

This enables data to be exchanged between more than 30 companies* through a direct EDI in a form that meets customers' needs. The data contains loading and unloading request data, loading and unloading records, invoice data, and operational data. Dedicated forms, such as chain store slips and delivery slips, can be issued on demand. There are four types of protocol for EDI procedures - bank TCP/IP, FBAJ Basic, JCA Basic, and I-FTP. YOKOREI is supporting customers in making operations more efficient through our unique EDI Service.
When installing the system, although system building charges on the YOKOREI side are not incurred, customers are liable for any charges required to build their own systems.