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Basic Policy on Compliance

YOKOREI positions compliance as an important management issue and in consideration of "companies are social institutions and profits are a measure of their service," which has been the company's policy since our founding, as well as laws and ordinances governing our business, we have taken a basic policy of practicing and continuously improving honest, fair, and transparent management that is ethical, compliant with laws, ordinances, and the like, and that fulfills our social responsibilities. This policy includes the standards outlined below.

  • We will practice sound business management and be conscious of the company's social responsibilities and public duties as we contribute to society through our business.
  • We will maintain and improve trust in the company by providing high quality products and services in a sincere manner.
  • We will comply with all laws and regulations governing our business and carry out ethical corporate activities.
  • We will be fully considerate of the global environment when carrying out business activities and will pass on this spirit to future generations.
  • We will disclose management information in a fair and appropriate manner, strive to ensure transparency, and work to strengthen communication with stakeholders.
  • We will remain firm in our stance opposing any dealings with organized crime.
  • We will respect human rights and strive to establish and provide pleasant and satisfying workplaces.