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Specializing Core Business and Continuing Profitability Through Solid Management

Yokohama Reito was founded in Yokohama in 1948 during a turbulent period just two years and nine months after the end of the Second World War.
It was founded by volunteers from the Yokohama City Central Wholesale Market with the aim of securing food for the people of Yokohama and assisting post-war reconstruction by earning foreign currency through the export of marine products to the U.S.
Built on the twin pillars of a refrigerated warehousing business that was crucial to the export of marine products and a food sales business developed to secure food for the people of Yokohama and Japan, the company has always been a stable supplier of safe and reliable foods.
2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the company. We are truly grateful for the understanding and support of the people who have enabled us to come so far.

Since becoming a listed company in 1962, we have been able to raise profit levels without ever recording a loss.
Although we have run into a wide range of difficulties in the past, our management team and employees have rallied together and we have used our knowledge and creativity under a policy of "specializing core business" to overcome these obstacles ourselves, without ever needing to form any major capital affiliations.

As Japanese food culture grows in abundance, our refrigerated warehousing enables the storage and supply of foods regardless of season, and it has become crucial infrastructure supporting the lives of the Japanese people, who depend on food imported from overseas for over half of their diet. We also strive to meet peoples' expectations as a supplier of delicious food products.

Since our founding, we have operated under the corporate philosophy that "companies are social institutions and profits are a measure of their service," and since our listing we have continuously increased dividends without ever making a single decrease. Going forward we will continue to move forward as a company that is valued by our shareholders, business partners, people in the region, and our employees.

December 2019.

President and Representative Director
Hiroyuki Matsubara