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YOKOREI has positioned our Refrigerated Warehousing Business and Food Sales Business as our core businesses and works to build trust by contributing to the stable supply of safe and reliable food in both Japan and overseas.
Our Refrigerated Warehousing Business can provide a high-level response to a wide variety of low-temperature logistics needs, providing high-quality service that covers not only storage, but also a variety of logistics processes, including customs clearance and delivery. Our Food Sales Business offers strong procurement capabilities that leverage the company's networks to meet the need for products in both Japan and overseas with precision.

An Expert in Food Distribution that is Considerate of People, Things, and the Planet

Refrigerated Warehousing Business

YOKOREI's refrigerated warehouses have a combined storage capacity of over one million tons in both Japan and overseas. We are maintaining a position at the very top of the industry.
Additionally, as part of our growth strategy, we are actively building and expanding facilities in key areas, as well as taking a scrap and build approach to either rebuild or replace aging centers that were built during Japan's economic boom.
In our new facilities, we are installing cutting-edge equipment in line with the facility's functions, and creating businesses that offer high added-value through means such as using natural refrigerants in consideration of the environmental impact of CFC gases, incorporating solar power generation systems, and introducing low-temperature positive-pressure platforms to cargo handling areas.

  • Tsukuba Logistics CenterTsukuba Logistics CenterConstruction completed in February 2020
  • Fukuoka ISLAND CITY Logistics CenterFukuoka ISLAND CITY Logistics CenterConstruction completed in January 2021
  • Chiba Research Park Logistics CenterChiba Research Park Logistics CenterConstruction completed in March 2023

Food Sales Business

The global consumption of marine products has continued to grow in recent years due to trends such as sushi becoming popular in Europe and North America and changes to food culture in developing countries. YOKOREI has been an expert at handling marine products since our founding and we are leveraging this advantage to strengthen our overseas strategy.
Our overseas bases are located in Thailand, which has become a hub for transactions involving Southeast Asia, and in Norway, where salmon and trout farming is becoming a national business.


YOKOREI's Track Record

YOKOREI continues to realize the steady growth of both our Refrigerated Warehousing Business and Food Sales Business.
Since listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1962, we have practiced stable management and never posted a loss.

Annual Net Income Trends

YOKOREI's Track Record