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Company Analyst
Tachibana Securities Co., Ltd. Hisayuki Shimokawa
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. Makoto Morita
Ichiyoshi Research Institute, Inc. Yumiko Kai

Please Note

  • The table above contains only content that has been authorized by the analysts mentioned based on information available to the company at the time of posting.
    Therefore, please understand that there may be analysts reporting on the company that are not included in the table, that the company does not necessarily endorse or support the analysts included in the table, and that all information included may not be the most up to date version available.
  • The table above is intended to provide investors with basic information about the analysts who analyze the company's financial results, make forecasts and the like, and the institutions to which they belong. It is not intended to solicit or recommend purchase or sale of shares in the company.
  • Analysts conduct analysis of the company's business results, businesses and the like and make business result forecasts based on their own judgement. The company is not involved in this process in any way.
  • The company in no way endorses or guarantees the forecasts, opinions, or recommendations given by these analysts.
  • We ask investors to take responsibility and use their own judgement when making real investment decisions.