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Yokorei is developing a Norwegian salmon farming business with its partner company Hofseth.
Ensuring these aquaculture businesses are safe and reliable requires raising the fish in appropriate production environments and transporting them in a way that can be fully trusted.

  • Hofseth AS PlantHofseth AS Plant
  • Seafood Farmers of Norway AS PlantSeafood Farmers of Norway AS Plant

Acquiring ASC Certification

The global standard for quality management in aquaculture is certification by the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).
This certification is only awarded to sustainable aquaculture businesses that have low environmental impact and are managed in a way that is considerate of the local community.
Hofseth's farms are the first trout farms in Norway to receive ASC certification. As of 2019, all of our facilities in the country have been certified.
What are the Seven Core Principles of the ASC Standard?

As a certification standard that aims to reduce the negative impact of aquaculture around the world, ASC certification requires seven principles to be met that incorporate the latest scientific knowledge and measurable results.

  1. Comprehensive compliance with laws and regulationsComprehensive compliance with laws and regulations
  2. Preservation of the natural environment and biodiversityPreservation of the natural environment and biodiversity
  3. Conservation of water resourcesConservation of water resources
  4. Prevention of fish escaping from farms (preservation of species diversity and wild populations)Prevention of fish escaping from farms (preservation of species diversity and wild populations)
  5. Use of responsibly-sourced feed and other resourcesUse of responsibly-sourced feed and other resources
  6. Maintenance of fish health (controlled use of chemical and antibiotic substances)Maintenance of fish health (controlled use of chemical and antibiotic substances)
  7. Responsibility to workers and local communities affected by aquacultureResponsibility to workers and local communities affected by aquaculture

Acquiring CoC Certification

When transporting aquaculture products which have been produced using proper methods, it is also extremely important to ensure traceability in order to prevent them from getting mixed with uncertified marine products.
CoC (Chain of Custody: the management of processing and distribution procedures) certification is a system for doing this. YOKOREI acquires this certification in order to guarantee the trustworthiness of the distribution of our aquaculture products, so we can deliver safe and reliable farmed marine products to tables all over Japan.

Fish farm operator
Fish farm operator
Distribution provider
Distribution provider
Processing business
Processing business
Safe and reliable marine products delivered to the end user