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Philanthropy Policy

The Yokorei Group believes that it should contribute to society by meeting the needs and expectations of communities through its business.
As a member of local communities and the international community, we seek to be a company that faithfully meets social needs and expectations, and we will continue working to address the issues of local communities based on the following guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

  1. Philanthropic activities
    We focus on the following priority areas, which have a strong connection to the Yokorei Group, in order to achieve our philanthropic goals.
    • ・Support for the children who will be our future (health and education)
    • ・Culture, art, and sports
    • ・Global environmental conservation
    • ・Disaster support efforts
  2. Intentions concerning philanthropic activities
    • 2-1 Having good relationships with stakeholders
      We value communication and partnerships with local communities, administrative bodies, and organizations.
    • 2-2 Promoting employees' proactive involvement
      We value and provide support for community outreach that is based on ideas from and proactive involvement by our employees.
    • 2-3 Demonstrating the Group's strengths
      We make the most of the Yokorei Group's services, products, technologies, and expertise in operations that include food logistics and storage.

Donation Efforts

Since 1973, Yokorei has continued to give back to society by donating part of its profits every year.
We support many areas of society with annual donations equal to 1% of net profits, and in February 2021 we received a commendation from the mayor of Yokohama for contributions to the Yokohama City Council of Social Welfare over more than 40 years.
Along with the organizations we donate to every year, we also ask employees about where they would like the company to donate to, to enable every employee to think about and act toward forming and enhancing connections with local communities.

Donations made
FY Donations Total donated
2021 10 27,000,000 yen
2022 23 23,000,000 yen
2023 23 43,390,000 yen
  • Not including small sums
  • Not including political contributions