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Basic Policy on Quality

As a food logistics expert, everyone in management on down acts in accordance with the following Basic Policy on Quality in order to provide customers with things that will bring them fulfillment and satisfaction.

  1. In respect for social responsibility and social ethics, we comply with all relevant laws and norms.
  2. To provide safe, high-quality products and services, we formulate and properly implement a range of rules, including those contained in our quality assurance manual.
  3. We value our connections with customers, striving to learn what it is our customers want while providing them with accurate and appropriate information.
  4. We put safety first, promote employee education about quality assurance, and raise awareness about safety.

Quality Assurance Goals and Roles

  • Boost credibility and enhance management quality (Yokorei quality) through improved customer satisfaction
  • Boost profitability and reduce costs through 5S activities
  • Provide safe, high-quality products and services
  • Provide accurate and appropriate information
  • Provide education and guidance on quality assurance, and raise awareness about safety

Yokorei Quality

Yokorei quality

Measures to ensure food safety and security

At Yokorei, as a member of the Japan Food Hygiene Association, we strive to improve food hygiene and establish quality control systems by collecting information about food hygiene.
In addition, in order to provide safe and secure food products, we pay careful attention to the labeling of product information and the expressions used in our advertisements to ensure that no misrepresentations have been made. With regard to product information labeling, our Quality Control Department and other relevant departments have established thoroughgoing checking systems to ensure that we are not in breach of applicable laws such as Japan's Food Labeling Act or the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

Employee training

We use a newsletter to communicate the importance of food labeling rules to departments in the food sales business, and we also encourage sales representatives to sit for food labeling examinations.
We urge employees in the refrigerated warehousing business to attend a three-day HACCP training course, and from time to time we run training sessions so that employees can acquire a basic knowledge of hygiene management.