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Our 70 years of history would never have happened without the support of people.

Determining the changing food needs of people all leading different lives requires building environments in which a diversity of people can fully leverage their individuality and capabilities. We aim to do innovative business and become a truly diverse company, including with respect to improving corporate value.

Support for women's participation and advancement in the workplace

Yokorei is promoting women's participation in the workplace for all job classifications. Yokorei currently has a high proportion of male employees among its generalists due to the abundance of work involving heavy freight. However, the roles for women have expanded in recent years as warehousing operations have seen greater laborsaving and automation, resulting in a growing need for frozen foods and other lightweight foods that require careful handling. We also provide maternity leave, childcare leave, shortened working hours, and other such programs that have seen an increasing number of employees come back to work after the birth of a child.

Employment of foreign nationals for greater globalization

Recent years have seen Yokorei make greater strides in taking its business overseas. To become more global, we believe it is very important to create environments that enable foreign nationals to advance their careers at our company. In addition to the foreign nationals at our companies overseas, we also employ foreign nationals to handle our international business at our domestic offices. Furthermore, to make our workplaces more comfortable for people of all nationalities, every Yokorei employee strives to respect and understand different cultures.

Employment of the disabled for all types of positions

We employ those with disabilities for all types of positions at the company. To enable people to make the most of their individuality and capabilities, regardless of disability, we offer consulting for each and every disabled person after they join us as part of efforts to make our workplaces pleasant places to be through reasonable accommodations.

Related Data

Metric FY
2022 2023
Number of employees 1,326 1,335
Number of female employees 335 343
Percentage of female employees 25.3% 25.7%
Percentage of employees with disabilities 2.2% 2.2%

※Data is for Yokorei Co., Ltd