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Environmental Policy

As an expert in the distribution of foods that are considerate of people, things, and the planet, the Yokorei Group recognizes its responsibility to preserve the environment as it works to advance social sustainability.
Climate change is a factor behind abnormal weather and natural disasters and presents considerable risks and opportunities for the Yokorei Group's business. As such, Yokorei views environmental protection measures, including measures to combat climate change, as a key management issue and will strive to mitigate the environmental impact of its business activities in accordance with the following guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

  • Comply with all laws, ordinances, and agreements concerning environmental conservation
  • Promote resource and energy conservation, along with reducing resource usage and strive to mitigate environmental impact
  • Strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reuse and more effectively utilize resources by reducing waste, recycling, etc.
  • Strive to properly manage and reduce the usage of water resources for water conservation
  • Strive to properly process waste and manage chemical substances in order to prevent environmental pollution
  • As a company dealing in food resources, the Yokorei Group will strive to minimize our impact on ecosystems by building a supply chain considerate of biodiversity
  • Strive to enhance every employee's attention to environmental protection by familiarizing them with the Yokorei Group's environmental policy through internal communications and education
  • Actively disclose environmental information through such channels as the Yokorei Group's website

Primary Environmental Protection Measures

Green Management
Green Management Certification
Green Management Certification is a system that certifies business operators who promote environmental conservation practices of a certain level or higher, encouraging the practice of environmentally-friendly management.
Details regarding Green Management Certification
Introducing Solar Power Generation Systems
Introducing Solar Power Generation Systems
We are working to reduce CO2 emissions by actively introducing solar power generation systems.
Details regarding the introduction of solar power generation systems
Initiatives Reducing Environmental Impact
Initiatives Reducing Environmental Impact
We are implementing initiatives that reduce the environmental impact of our business, such as using natural refrigerants and introducing hybrid cars.
Details regarding initiatives reducing environmental impact