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Human Resource Development

The Yokorei Group views the growth of its employees, who are an important corporate resource, as the engine of corporate growth. The advancement of our employees' skills is essential to stably supplying food and building a sustainable supply chain. We therefore provide assorted training programs aimed at supporting self-development and the honing of skills that will benefit employees in their work and aid in career building. Furthermore, along with conducting on-the-job training regarding things such as compliance, quality, and safety, we will help employees self actualize by working with outside institutions to make a broad range of educational programs available.

  1. General training
    Compliance training, system training, etiquette training
  2. Rank-based training
    New director training, general manager training, new general manager training, deputy group leader training, new manager training, deputy manager training, assistant manager training, new employee training
    OJT instructor training (5th year) and follow-up training (2nd year)
  3. Objective-based training
    • 3-1 Cold Logistics Business Sector
      Sales training, worksite manager training, bond training, job exchange training (acquiring experience working at other worksites), mechanical engineering training (mid-career, engineers), MSC training
    • 3-2 Food Sales Business Sector
      English conversation education, specialized OJT, production region site training, food quality control training, food labeling training, MSC training
    • 3-3 Corporate Management Sector
      Specialized knowledge training
  4. Self actualization support
    Internal support desks are available to provide information about education courses and accept applications

Related Data

Hours of training and number of students
FY Total hours of training Number of students
2023 14,763 935
2022 10,765 935
2021 13,198 826