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Support for the Yokohama City Council of Social Welfare

A Yokorei program to give part of our profits back to the community, which began in 1973, began with providing support to the Yokohama City Council of Social Welfare. Every year we provide support to charity banks, which collect donations usable in social welfare as well as welfare for children, the elderly, and those with disabilities.

Support for the Kainaniji Ikueikai

The Kainaniji Ikueikai runs education programs that provide tuition assistance and scholarships to children who lose guardians to fishing accidents at sea in the hopes of helping these children grow into people who will benefit society in the future. Yokorei supports these programs as a company with deep ties to the marine products and fisheries industries.

Support for the Kanagawa Newspaper and Public Welfare Organization

Established in 1977, the Kanagawa Newspaper and Public Welfare Organization uses donations it receives toward welfare efforts. It provides relief funds and goods at times of disaster in Japan and elsewhere, including providing subsidies to people needing welfare assistance in Kanagawa Prefecture. Yokorei gives support to this organization in order to raise the welfare standard in Kanagawa.