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Anti-Corruption Activities

Aiming to make society more sustainable, Yokorei has established and works to familiarize all directors and employees ("Yokorei personnel") with the content of the Yokorei Group Code of Conduct, which lays out issues important to human rights, compliance, environmental conservation, and other matters with the aim of ensuring our business activities are fair and transparent.
The Yokorei Group Code of Conduct contains information about preventing corruption. We have also put together the Anti-Corruption Policy and Anti-Corruption Guidelines and have made these available on a public website as well as the Yokorei Group's intranet. Yokorei personnel receive an education on this content through genes that include anti-corruption training. Yokorei personnel in the Yokorei Group comply with all laws and ordinances in our countries and regions of business in the spirit of our management philosophy in accordance with the Code of Conduct, and voluntarily act to prevent corruption with a strong sense of social morality.

  1. Prohibition of bribery
    Yokorei does not provide, offer, or make promises involving money, goods, or any other profits or benefits (bribery) aimed at obtaining illicit business profits to civil servants or other third parties such as business operators, whether directly or indirectly and whether in Japan or elsewhere. Yokorei also refuses to accept, solicit requests for, or make promises involving bribery.
  2. Separation of public and private affairs
    Yokorei personnel clearly delineate public and private affairs in dealings with suppliers and other such personnel, provide and accept entertainment and gifts only to a socially accepted extent with regard to such things as purpose, frequency, the giver or receiver, and monetary sums, and will never act in such a way as to invite suspicion from a third party.
  3. Facilitation payments
    Depending on the country or region, public servants or similar individuals may sometimes request the payment of small amounts without any legal basis at customs, security checkpoints, or immigration, or when issuing visas or establishing lifelines. Yokorei prohibits these kinds of facilitation payments as they constitute prohibited acts of bribery toward public servants.
  4. Anti-corruption training and the treatment of violators
    The Yokorei Group is committed to preventing corruption through such means as internal training for Yokorei personnel and compliance reviews. Violators of this policy and guidelines will be dealt with strictly according to the guidelines at that company.

Anti-Corruption Guidelines

The Yokorei Group prohibits all forms of corruption and has formulated the Supplier Guidelines as a specific set of principles aimed at ensuring free and fair competition. These guidelines are observed throughout the Group and a variety of measures are taken to prevent corruption.

Anti-Corruption Guidelines